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Cyber Security Incident Investigator 2

Descriere job

  • Duties & Role:
  • Lead NATO Enterprise-wide Cyber Security Incident Response
    on the coordination, procedural, technical, risk management and
    communications aspects.
    * Lead NATO Enterprise-wide Vulnerability Management effort
    consisting of reviewing new vulnerabilities, identifying vulnerable
    assets, assessing the exploitability of the vulnerabilities on NATO
    environments, assessing the operational and business impact of a
    potential exploitation, identifying the mitigation options for these
    and tracking the remediation actions.
    * Lead the execution of NATO Enterprise-wide Defence Cyber
    Operations in or through cyberspace to preserve friendly freedom
    of action.
    * Transform cyber strategic objectives in execution plans, including
    the translation from strategic/operational objectives to technical
    execution. Lead, track, correct and report on the execution status.
    * Lead and motivate a team composed of different profiles with
    diverse background in very tense and difficult situation to achieve
    the objectives.
    * Create and maintain a network of cyber security personnel
    across and beyond the NATO Enterprise to facilitate
    communication and coordination of urgent actions when the need
    * Redact, review and prepare reports, recommendations and
    presentations to executive level staff, Security Authorities on Cyber
    Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Management and
    Defensive Cyber Operations, as well as any other topic related to
    Cyber Security.
    * Deliver quality briefings, adapted to the audience (Technical
    experts, Military operational personnel, C-level executives, media
    and industry) on Cyber Security Incident Response, Vulnerability
    Management and Defensive Cyber Operations, as well as any
    other topic related to Cyber Security.
    * Performs other duties as may be required
  • Skill, Knowledge & Experience:
  • A university degree at a nationally recognised/certified University in
    a technical subject with substantial Information Technology (IT)
    content and 8 years of specific experience. Exceptionally, the lack
    of a university degree may be compensated by the demonstration
    of a candidate's particular abilities or experience that is/are of
    interest to NCI Agency; that is, at least 15 years extensive and
    progressive expertise in the duties related to the function of the
    * At least 8 years of demonstrable experience in handing complex
    Cyber Security Incidents, ideally in an international, governmental
    or military environment.
    * Comprehensive understanding of the principles of Computer and
    Communication Security, networking, and the vulnerabilities of
    modern operating systems and applications acquired through a
    blend of academic or professional training coupled with practical
    professional experience
    * Excellent communications skills and reporting experience with
    capacity to communicate to different types of audience (senior
    executive, middle management, technical and non-technical)
    * At least 5 years demonstrable experience in leading teams to
    achieve success in adverse conditions.
    * In-depth demonstrable knowledge in the management of
    Vulnerabilities and Cyber Security protective measures
    * Hold a professional certification on Cyber Security Incident
    * Hold a professional certification on IT Service Management.
    * Hold a University degree in Cyber Security, IT Security-related
    discipline, Business or Risk Management.
    * Experience in risk assessment and management
    * Good understanding of the MITRE ATT&CK framework

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Our company has been active in the field of Telecommunications since its inception, having a wide portfolio of national and international clients.

Installation of special telecommunication equipment in various projects of special importance.